Zuby nehty

Zuby nehty

Zuby nehty


New album SRDCE VEN

Nadcházející akce

  1. Festival Líšeň

    20.August - 19:00 - 21:00
  2. Festival No Threads- Chrudim

    30.August - 20:00 - 22:00

Coming soon: new album Srdce ven

ZUBY NEHTY – current members of the band:

Marka Míková  keyboards, vocals
Kateřina Jirčíková  flute, saxpohone, vocals
Alice Flesarová  saxophone, vocals
Jana Kaplanová  drums, vocals
Jan Maxa  bass, vocals
Pavla Jonssonová  guitar, vocals

Zuby nehty (Teeth and Nails) date back to 1980. They started as Plyn (Gas) (Hanka Kubíčková, Pavla Fediuková, Marka Míková, Renata Špičanová, Dáša Seidlová) shouting: "Turn on the gas, the gas will turn you on!". In 1983 they changed their name to Dybbuk (Hanka, Pavla and Marka was joined by Kateřina Nejepsová and Eva Trnková). From 1988 the name became Zuby nehty. Various people took turns in playing: Naďa Bilincová, Tomáš Míka, Honza Lorenc, Michal Lang, Alice Kalousková, Marvin, Martin Černý, Jana Modráčková, Jarda Trabandita Svoboda.
They keep on performing in clubs and festivals throughout the country and around the world. Their music used to be referred to as punk, new wave, alternative rock… However, it is always their original music and original lyrics. Each of the members brings their own songs, usually the author also sings them. Their music is teeming with elderly ladies, strange cooks, animals, absurd images, as well as serious themes. Zuby nehty is a colorful mosaic of personalities with clearly recognizable handwriting who, despite all their differences, form this peculiar, mostly female band. The group's 2021 line-up consists of Marka Míková, Kateřina Jirčíková (Nejepsová), Alice Flesarová (Kalousková), Jana Kaplanová (Modráčková), Jan Maxa, Pavla Jonssonová (Fediuková-Slabá) and their alternating drummer Marvin.